Golf Gear We're Looking Forward to in 2022

New year, new gear! It’s shaping up to be a pretty incredible year for new club releases in 2022. A lot is still in the works and details are still emerging, but we’ve got your first look here at some of the must-try new golf equipment in 2022.

Callaway Rogue ST family

Go rogue in 2022 with the brand new Callaway Rogue ST family of clubs. They’re innovative, AI-designed, and really push the boundary of performance you’ve come to expect from your clubs. Callaway is releasing drivers, fairways, irons, and hybrids as part of their new Rogue family.

The drivers are Callaway’s most stable and fastest ever, with a new AI-designed face and impressive design. The line of drivers includes Rogue, Rogue Max, Rogue Max D, and Rogue LS versions.

The Rogue fairway woods are all about distance. These are Callaway’s longest fairway woods ever, and can add up to 10 yards to your swing! This new line of fairways includes options like the Rogue Max, Rogue Max D, and Rogue Max LS.

Callaway’s newest irons are also not to be missed. They were forged with all-new high strength 450 steel plus an AI-designed Flash Face Cup. Variations include the Rogue Max, Rogue Max OS, Rogue Max OS Lite, and Rogue Pro.

And finally, equally as impressive as the rest of the new Rogue clubs are the hybrids. These are full of industry leading innovations, and can really take your performance to the next level. Like the line of Rogue irons, the hybrids are available in the Rogue Max, Max OS, Max OS Lite, and Pro versions.

The Rogue ST clubs will be available for pre-order later this month.

TaylorMade Stealth family

Not to be outdone, TaylorMade has a brand-new family of clubs all their own. Welcome to the carbonwood age with the Stealth clubs. This family includes drivers, irons, fairways, and hybrids and will be available for sale in February.

The Stealth and Stealth+ drivers are made with a 60X Carbon Twist Face. Move over titanium, because carbonwood is pushing the limits of performance and is here to stay.

The Stealth irons offer amazing benefits of their own as well. Lower your score and keep your swings to a minimum with these masterful crafted irons.

Reliable is the name of the game when it comes to the Stealth fairways. TaylorMade knows how essential reliability is for a fairway, so they built their whole line around it.

Last but certainly not least, the Stealth hybrids have got it all. Give these hybrids a try to experience the easy launch, long distance, and ultimate forgiveness.

SM9 Vokey Wedges

Titleist’s biggest club release for 2022 thus far is the brand-new line of SM9 Vokey Wedges.The newest Vokey wedges were just introduced on Tour in January in Kapalua, and uptake has already been impressive. Not much is known yet about these brand-new wedges, but we did get a little peek into the process in this statement from Titleist: “Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill, working alongside Vokey’s team of engineers, have spent the last two years designing prototypes and testing them with the world’s best players, pushing forward in their relentless mission to craft better performing and better feeling wedges.”

More info should be coming soon, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on these wedges, that are sure to wow.

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

The final club release we’re most excited for in 2022 is from Mizuno, with their new ST-G 220 Driver. This driver offers unmatched levels of adjustability for the most precise fitting ever. With three tracks and two moveable weights, it can morph from ultra-low spin to highly playable mid-spin. No matter what kind of game you play, this driver can be tweaked and fitted to be just right for you.

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