Great Golf Gifts, Gizmos & Gadgets
We’re barreling towards the holiday season and it will be here before you know it!

We’re barreling towards the holiday season and it will be here before you know it! Make Pro Am Golf your one-stop shop for all your golf gifts and gadgets this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for new gear for yourself, or gifts for the other golf lovers in your life, we’ve got all the best golf gadgets for 2021. Check out some of our top picks below:


Every serious golfer can use a rangefinder to step up their game when they hit the course. The Blue Tees Series 2 and 3 Rangefinders are designed to lock onto the pin and take the guesswork out of your next round. The Series 3 Max is loaded with all the best features in the game for a fraction of competitors’ prices. The Series 2 is tournament legal and offers Tour-level distance and accuracy. And the Series 2 Pro Slope is not only water resistant with an HD display, but also adjusts the distance based on the incline/decline to let you know a “True Distance” to the target.


Another cool gadget golfers can use to elevate their game is a launch monitor. Turn boring practice sessions into exciting and active sessions with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor. It is super convenient, connecting to your own iOS device to deliver pro-level data. Not only can it store and track real-time data for you to look back on, but also provides video analysis of each and every swing.


If you know a golfer who would want to go beyond tracking their golf performance and track their overall fitness as well, then look no further than our selection of Garmin fitness-tracking watches for the perfect gift. The Forerunner 245 is sweat-proof, durable, and can handle just about anything. Its long battery life makes it super convenient to travel with. It can track distance, pace, intervals, and more to provide a well-rounded picture of the wearer’s activity.


No one can ever have too many golf shirts. They get worn out, faded, or ripped over time, and the holiday season is the perfect time to replace them with fresh, new looks. From polos to quarter-zips, we’ve got a wide range of apparel in stock to help every golfer hit the course in style.


Finally, when you don’t know what to get, you can’t go wrong with a gift card! Let the golfers in your life choose the gear they want for themselves. We have gift cards available for various amounts, ranging from $25 to $100.

Shop Pro Am Golf USA for all your golf gift needs this holiday season. From high-tech gadgets to durable and dependable gear, we’ve got great golf gifts for everyone.