Play Like A Pro With These Golf Balls

If you want to play like a pro, first you need pro-level gear. Pro Am Golf has all the balls your favorite players on Tour use. Check out some of their selections below, and for all your discount golf gear needs, be sure to visit

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For a higher launch and less drag, TaylorMade’s new TP5X design is the ball you need. Plugged in Golf said “The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls are at the top of the game when it comes to performance. As good or better than anything on the market.” And according to Until the Next Tee blog, “They are all-around performers and I firmly believe that they can shave a stroke or two off of your game. They feel great, they’re durable, long off the tee and spin when you need them.”



Bridgestone’s technology helps the Tour B X react to the unique needs of each club and shot. And it’s not only Tour players like Bryson and Matt Kuchar who are fans of the Tour B X; others are singing its praises as well. According to Driving Range Heroes, “...the 2020 Tour B X is excellent off the tee. The ball jumps, holds its path, and is very easy to control.” And here is what Golf Info Guide had to say after giving it a try: The Tour B X model is designed for a golfer with a low-handicap, but is still looking for and needing a long distance advantage, but not at the cost of low accuracy. The distance advantage comes with a firm feel at impact.



High launch, low spin, long distance: the Chrome Soft X has got it all. With this ball, Callaway has established themselves as a major player in the Tour-level ball arena. “The Chrome Soft X Version matches up well with its counterparts...They all feature high-spin, soft feel, and ample distance,” said The Left Rough. And in a review on GolfaLot, it was stated that “You might not quite get 'the best of both worlds' with the Chrome Soft X, but you won't be far off and...for a lot of golfers making the switch to Chrome Soft will be a no brainer.”



You can’t talk about Tour players’ favorite balls without including the Pro V1 in the conversation. One of the most popular balls in the game, it offers total performance for lower scores. Here’s what Golf Influence had to say: “Performing well in both short as well as long game, the Titleist V1 series is a high end golf ball that achieves great trajectory and feel.” And according to, “What makes it great is that not only are they high quality but they are also great for distance and provide a great feel around the greens making them a flexible option for golfer of all abilities.”



The final ball you’ll want to give a try is the Srixon Z Star XV. These balls have an incredible feel and were engineered for maximum performance. “Srixon has set a high standard for their Z-Star line of golf balls, and this latest generation proves itself worthy of the name. If you’re in search of softer feel and maximum spin, the Z-Star is your ball,” says Plugged in Golf. And in a review from Southampton Golf Club, they said “ the cover material was designed to work into the grooves of your irons and wedges for exceptional feel and spin. And we can say firsthand that these balls deliver on both fronts.”