Big Bertha is back!

big bertha is back!


Callway’s Big Bertha B21 family has arrived, for distance any way you swing it.  The new family includes everything from iron sets to fairway woods.  If you’re looking for your next high end golf club, you can’t go wrong with Big Bertha! 

Can’t decide if the Big Bertha family is for you?  We’re breaking down all the clubs in the new line, to help you decide which ones you should be adding to your bag first.   

The hybrid brings together distance and forgiveness, and is Callaway’s easiest-to-launch hybrid to date.  Its total forgiveness package helps prevent big misses that spin way off line, because if you’re hitting it straighter, you’re hitting it farther.   

The guys at TXG Tour Experience Golf gave the hybrid a try, and talked all about the great combination of high launch and spin when hitting with it in their review.  

The shape of the clubs makes all the difference.  You can be confident in your game thanks to the shape of all the clubs in this combo set.  They feature generous offsets, wide soles, and thick toplines to bring your game to the next level.  Like the rest of the Big Bertha B21 family, a hallmark of the iron sets is how easy they are to hit.  Each iron has a unique Flash Face architecture to help with spin robustness and speed for each individual club in the set.  

Golfshake’s equipment expert Ryan Rastall took the time to give these irons a try, and talked about how easy they are to launch, even out of really bad lies.  Check out his full review here:  

Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness!  The fairway wood can take the slice right out of your game. With a larger head and a significantly lighter carbon crown, forgiveness and control are the names of the game with this club.  

The B21 Fairway Wood does not sacrifice aesthetics for function, though.  According to, even for an experienced golfer, the offset “is subtle enough that I could put pride aside and consider playing it if it helped my game.”

This driver is great for any golfer who tends to slice the ball and wants to straighten out their trajectory.  High launch, low spin, big distance.  That’s what the B21 driver was engineered to do.  If you want to hit it far, hit it consistently, and find the green more often, this is the driver for you.   

After giving the driver a test run, a reviewer on stated: “I didn't have one shot which was lost to the right of the driving range line but this is exactly what Callaway want, and will be just what plenty of golfers are hoping for after years of trampling through the trees down the right side after yet another slice.” 

The people have spoken, and the Big Bertha B21 line can help golfers who struggle with slicing, lack of distance, and more!  Pro Am Golf USA is your go-to for all things Big Bertha.  We’ve got the full line of clubs both in our St. Louis golf store and online at