Tips to Improve Your High Schooler's Golf Game
Here are our top 4 tips for improving your aspiring amateur's golf game this season.

1. Three-Club Challenge:

This is a classic golf drill that works really well and will improve their game immensely. We prefer a modified version though, which actually allows for 4 clubs because there's no real value in putting with another club. This drill will teach your golfer how to hit a wide array of shots (irons off the tee, knockdowns, bump, and runs, etc.) due to the limited club selection. It will also teach them course management and that sometimes the “typical” shot is not always the best shot. It'll also make them incredibly comfortable with certain clubs and they can begin adding more as their skill set improves.

2. Play it forward:

A great way to force your highschooler to hit a wide variety of shots from tee to green. Play the first 4 holes from the longest tees, forcing players to hit driver and long irons. Then, the next 5 holes are played from the next set of tees up and so forth. The last 5 holes are played from either the most forward tees or the beginning of the fairway. Variety is the spice of life. Don't let them get too comfortable with their home course.

3. Build your own modified par-3 course:

Head out to the course and set up 9 holes as a par 3 course. Move the tees into different spots and distances (maybe a 200 straight shot to an easy pin location followed by a 50-yard pitch shot over a bunker to a tucked pin). The shot variety will mirror that of an 18 hole round but will take less than half the time to play. Improving that short game will pay off quickly when it comes to lowering scores.

4. Get Right Equipment and Get Fitted!

At Pro Am Golf, we're dedicated to helping grow the game. That starts at a young age as we help you build the game with your youngsters. While lessons and fittings definitely help, one of the biggest keys to their game will certainly be their equipment. There's no denying that outfitting your kid with the right set of clubs -- not necessarily the most expensive or top-rated -- could greatly improve their game and keep them swinging those sticks. Take a look at our Back to School sale and get a free magnetic towel with purchase of the following items.