Training Day: Top Tips For Indoor Training

It’s no secret that we’ve all been spending a bit more time indoors recently but that does not mean your golf game has to reap the consequences. Use this time indoors to perfect those skills. Have a basement or garage? Turn it into your very own practice area. Don’t worry - we’ll help furnish your space with all the training equipment you need from nets to mats to simulators. If you want to keep things simple, practice your short game in the living room. Now that you’re feeling inspired, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of your indoor practice time.

1. Mirror Practice

Spend some time perfecting that swing. Place a full-length mirror in front of you so you can critique your form and different positions. This is a great time to focus on your posture. Take mental notes of what your body should look like and feel like when you are aligned up correctly.

2. Watch Golf on TV

Learn from the Pros! Grab your notebook and write down what stands out to you - technique, attitude, decision making. Put these skills to use while focusing on your own course management techniques. If you play the same course often, visualize it and build a game plan for your next round. What holes gave you trouble? What were you feeling at the time? Answering these simple questions will help build confidence in your next round.

3. Practice Your Short Game

Now that you have the Pros on TV, grab that putter and get some short game practice in. Whether you have an indoor green or carpet and a cup, focus on hand movements and straight lines. Challenge: Place a playing card 3 feet away. Practice your distance control by putting with the right amount of power so the ball stops on the card. After you achieve this a few times in a row, move the card 5 feet away.

4. Strength Training

This is the perfect opportunity to build up your muscle. Strength training will help you avoid injury, improve stability, and increase distance when you get back out on the course.

5. Net Practice

A golf net is a great way to practice your game when you can’t make it to the range. It will help improve your stance, swing, accuracy, and confidence. Once you get one, you will realize how much a little bit of net practice each day will help you out on the course!