Pick up that Putter!
Pro Am Golf guide to practicing your putting while stuck indoors

So, quite a few of us are stuck at home, but that doesn't mean that we have to give up the game we love. Even if we're practicing our best social distancing, there are a few indoor solutions to keeping your game at its peak. Check out our blog below on some of the best indoor golf putting options on the market and practice keeping you at a 2-putt on the course.

1. Callaway KickBack Putting Cup Gift Set

Perfect for use on tight-knit rugs or concrete, this ball return will help you maintain an even stroke at short and long distances through repetition. Pick up one and spend a few hours improving your putting skills while stuck indoors. At this price point, you'll definitely see some ROH (return on handicap).

2. Odyssey Deluxe Golf Putting Mat

Hardwood surfaces, concrete, and some carpets aren't ideal for getting down the touch and feel of the green. This mat mimics the textures of most greens so your test putts will be as accurate as possible. The cup size is 1/2 an inch smaller than regulation which will definitely have you putting more accurately. The mat is made by Odyssey, the leading producer of putters in the world.

3. Triple Track Balls

If you're still having trouble sinking those putts, your issue may be your ball and putter alignment. Ever since the golf world caught on to Tiger's method of lining up your ball by marking it with a sharpie, the rest of the golf world followed suit printing their balls to contain a straight line directly on the ball with one in the middle of the putter face as well. Odyssey tripled down on this trend and designed a ball and putter set with three tracks to ensure your ball and clubhead are as precisely lined up as possible.

4. Triple Track 2-Ball Putter

The club designed to fit the golf balls listed above. Odyssey's line of Triple Track putters is sure to revolutionize the game and give golfers everywhere a leg up on the putting greens. We can't guarantee that you'll reduce your strokes, but if you stick with a club like this and get it down, you'll surely be hitting balls on lines you meant to hit them of with precision. The Triple Track comes in three different styles, so if you're not sold on the best-selling 2-Ball Putter, there are two other styles to choose from.

So, while we're all stuck inside for the foreseeable future, be sure to pick up a few of these great items and begin improving your putting game today. The tools listed above are just the thing to get the ball rolling. Pardon our pun.